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ELT and ELIT Departments Start Series of Guest Lectures

Maintaining not only regular lectures but also additional activities for the purpose of contributing to the learning, English Language and Literature and English Language and Literature Teaching programs have cooperatively started a series of guest lectures. Indicating the vitality of cooperation with other professional trainers and academicians, the Professors of these programs state that it is of great importance to expose students to these professionals and experts in the field in an attempt to inform and prepare them for the work environment and possible career opportunities.

The series started with the lecture entitled What does it take to become a professional conference interpreter: the challenges and rewards of the interpreting profession by Dr. Amra Sadiković that took place on November 5, 2020. Dr. Sadiković, who is known as the most renowned conference interpreter in BiH, lectured the students of the ELIT316 Interpretation course as well as other guest participants who wanted to profit from such an informative lecture.

The following guest lecturer was Ms. Senem Kobya who delivered the lecture on the translation industry: standards, qualifications, and market dynamics on December 9, 2020, in the ELIT316 Interpretation course. As a certified translator, consecutive interpreter, and the CEO of Digital Ltd., one of Turkey’s leading companies in translation, Ms. Kobya informed the students about the profession, its advantages, and career opportunities in the marketplace.

The ELIT and ELT programs have scheduled another guest lecture by Prof. Ivana Pejić entitled Empathy, which will take place on Tuesday, December 15, 2020, at 16:30. Prof. Pejić will present the concept of taking responsibility for oneself as opposed to punishing and rewarding in creating an atmosphere in which students and teachers are in an equal power relationship.

Endeavoring to make the best out of online education, the ELIT and ELT programs are currently working on adding more educating and informative activities to the series of guest lectures. We encourage our students to strive for improving themselves in the field and assist them in the best possible way.