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Innovative Minds from IUS Present at Annual Maker Faire

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) participated in the annual Maker Faire Sarajevo, a vibrant event where innovators from various fields come together to present their work. Engineers, artists, scientists, startups, and companies showcased their hobbies, experiments, projects, and skills, creating a dynamic and inspiring atmosphere.

IUS staff and students from the Architecture (ARCH), Software Engineering (SE), Artificial Intelligence and Data Engineering (AIDE), Computer Science Engineering (CSE), Genetics and Bioengineering (GBE), and Electric and Electronics Engineering (EE) programs proudly displayed their projects and achievements. Highlights included robots developed by CSE and EE students, such as the educational robot Ekrem, and models and animations created by ARCH students.

Visitors also had the opportunity to explore the natural microworld through microscopes with the help of GBE staff and to learn about the future of Artificial Intelligence in education and other areas of life from the AIDE program. The event underscored IUS's commitment to innovation and practical education, showcasing the talents and creativity of its students and faculty.