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IUS and AD HARBI d.o.o. Join Forces in Pioneering Research Collaboration

The International University of Sarajevo (IUS) is thrilled to announce a partnership with AD HARBI d.o.o., a leading company dedicated to the exploration and research of the earth mineral pyrophyllite. This collaboration has been established under the auspices of the prestigious EIT HEI DeepGreenInno project, in conjunction with the University of Banja Luka.

IUS representatives Assoc. Prof. Dr. Altijana Hromić-Jahjefendić, Assoc. Prof. Dr. Emil Knezović, and Dr. Nađa Beglerović, came together with Mr. Muhamed Harbinja, the esteemed Director of AD HARBI d.o.o., to formalize this partnership. The signing of this collaboration agreement signifies a stride in the realm of mineral exploration and sustainable innovations.

The objective of this alliance is to synergize the academic expertise of IUS with the industry-leading research and exploration capabilities of AD HARBI d.o.o. In doing so, they aim to spearhead pioneering research endeavors in the field of pyrophyllite, an earth mineral with diverse applications across various industries.

The collaboration aims to unlock the full potential of pyrophyllite through cutting-edge research, innovative solutions, and sustainable practices. By bringing together the academic prowess of IUS and the industry know-how of AD HARBI d.o.o., this partnership seeks to drive forward groundbreaking advancements, paving the way for a more sustainable and resource-efficient future.

Both parties are excited about the prospects this collaboration presents and are eager to contribute to the success of the EIT HEI DeepGreenInno project. The union between academia and industry is poised to yield remarkable results that will benefit not only the scientific community but also society as a whole.