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Coordinator's Message

Genetics and Bioengineering

Dear students,

Welcome to the Genetics and Bioengineering study program at IUS! 


This program, educating about one of the fastest growing disciplines, trains open-minded students with robust professional formation, who are conscious about social responsibility, aware of local and global problems and sensitive about ethical issues. The employment opportunities in this emerging field are also blooming worldwide. In this context, there is an increased need for geneticists and bioengineers shaped with contemporary engineering standards in Bosnia and Herzegovina.

Program Coordinator

Assoc. Prof. Dr.
Altijana Hromić- Jahjefendić

Our undergraduate program aims at implementing and developing new technologies using biological systems and processes where students learn how to investigate biological mechanisms and circumstances from an engineering perspective by understanding basic principles of life sciences. The main goals of Genetics and Bioengineering education are as follows:


  • Providing quality education about basic life sciences and prepare the ground for students to learn how to apply engineering technologies to living systems in a safe way,
  • Providing knowledge and experience in the area of Genetics, Molecular Biology and Bioengineering,
  • Conducting basic and experimental high-quality research and applying engineering sciences to medical and biological problems, and
  • Equipping students with problem-solving and team-forming skills which are necessary for their future career.

Those who graduate have a wide range of jobs that they can seek for depending on their individual interests. They can continue their academic careers and pursue their postgraduate studies or opt for a career in various industrial fields (pharmaceutical, biotechnological or agricultural). There is also an opportunity for a career in the field of scientific biomedical research whether in the clinical or forensic field or various governmental and non-governmental institutions both nationally and internationally.

Assistant Professor Dr. Altijana Hromić- Jahjefendić

Genetics and Bioengineering Program Coordinator

Genetics and Bioengineering

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Genetics and Bioengineering

"I loved the idea that biology was logical." - Cynthia Kenyon